Living Hope Community Church

Loving God by Loving Others

Our Values

We strive to be:

A loving familydependent on the Holy Spiritcommitted to the Wordgrowing in gracereaching out in mercy.

  • We focus on the love of God, expressed best through the person and actions of Jesus Christ.
  • This love has a goal: Family. We seek to be a close, loving family.
  • Uniting people from various backgrounds into a loving and accepting family is hard work. It would never happen through our own efforts, only through the work of the Holy Spirit among us.
  • Our guidance in this is the Word of God, the Bible; our rule for faith and practice.
  • As we experience, through the Spirit, and learn, through the Word, about God’s grace, we are inspired to extend grace to each other.
  • Seeing our own need for grace inspires us to reach out to those who have yet to receive it and to do so in mercy–without judgment or condemnation.