Pastor Ken’s Hopes for the New Year

With it being advent season, and then moving into the new year, I thought I would reflect a bit on my hopes for the upcoming year.

Like all of you, my hopes are for my family first. I hope for my expected grandbaby to be healthy. I hope for the happiness and well being of my children, and a chance to spend a great deal of time with them all.

For our church, I hope for holiness and righteousness to manifest in our people, but always through love.

For our community, I hope we continue as a place where the joys of small-town life are experienced by another generation.

For our world, I hope and pray for peace—the peace of Christ, for there is no other source for true peace.

Finally, I hope and pray to never hear about masks, mandates, or quarantines. I hope to never say the words, “For safety sake, we should not meet for a time.” But why do I list these last? Because, if our families are well, our church is loving, our community is joyful, and our world is at peace these are at least bearable.

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