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For the last several weeks, we have operated under orders from the state administration, shutting down gatherings for health concerns. Our church complied for reasons communicated at that time. On May 13, the Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down the order. As a result, we are currently under no restrictions. It is not my place to weigh in on the suitability of the original order, or the decision of the court. Those are decisions for which I, thankfully, am not responsible.

However, the lifting of restrictions does not remove the responsibility of our elders to protect our people.  Therefore, the elders and I have decided to continue this week (May 17, 2020) as before. We will have (1) an electronic service and (2) a drive-up service. Please let me share some of our reasoning:

First, our church has a large number of people for whom this disease carries particular danger. Heedlessly endangering them would “make the cure worse than the disease.”

Second, the governor is expected to submit a new plan to the legislature. It seems wise to allow the system to work rather than throwing the doors open to have them slammed shut again.

Third, the court released its decision late enough in the week that precautions would be rushed. Rushed precautions are seldom appropriate precautions.

Fourth, this decision impacts the health of not only our people but others in our community. Love for our community requires keeping this in mind when deciding such things.

We, like all of you, long for the opportunity to gather once again. But we want to act wisely and in the best interests of our people—all of our people. The elders will be discussing the possibility of opening up May 24. We will keep you informed as this decision is made.

In Christ, Pastor Ken Cluck and the Elders of Living Hope Community Church

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